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Evangelist Tyshawna A. Webb

Tyshawna Webb a young female Evangelist of the Gospel serving at Walker Ministries in VA Beach is the creator and founder of the Christian Dance Fitness Program Built to Worship (BTW).  A few interesting facts about Tyshawna is that she has a calm confidence in herself and loves to use her gifts to help others. She was born and raised in Newark, NJ.  According to the Neighborhood Scout statistics, Newark’s violent crime rate is one of the highest in the nation, across communities of all sizes. This type of environment caused Tyshawna to develop a heart-attitude of “I can, I will, and I must!”  The initial birth of determination that was ignited in her produced an in-depth ambition that has now become unstoppable.  


The plurality of her achievements, community involvement, and talents is extensive.  She received her Masters Degree in Architecture at Hampton University, majored in Art at Arts Highschool and attended Garden State Ballet.  Tyshawna’s community involvement includes: fundraising through fitness events for HIV Awareness, Lupus Awareness, and Breast Cancer Awareness, Prostate Cancer and more. Speaker, Teacher & Leader for YOURS Ministry 2006-2010. She is a dancer, choreographer, has experience as a National Trainer (certified over 150 instructors to teach MixxedFit®), Zumba Gold Certified, AFAA Group Fitness Certified, co-author of Kinks to Curls, PR and Graphic Designer for Old Dominion University Auxiliary Services, Founding Executive Director of TSpells Designs, and her dance fitness ministry Built To Worship (BTW) praise and edification dance/fitness company.  


Why BTW? BTW was inspired and produced by Tyshawna’s submission to how God desired to shape, form, and fashion every part of her life. “It was time to give 100% and let God take the lead,” says Tyshawna. She answered how God was calling her to move with Him.  When she made the choice to love God more than anything and anyone else, she realized every aspect of her life now had to reflect her beliefs. She then vowed to only teach classes that represented her biblical belief, and in that sacrifice came BTW (3 John 1:2). 


Tyshawna immediately realized that she had to make life-altering changes, starting with replacing the three current Mixxedfit classes, which were growing very quickly. She started to sense conviction from the message in the music and the reality of its impact. This change of perspective led Tyshawna to go into a different direction---it was going to be all or nothing. As she developed Built to Worship, she extended her study of dance, health, and love as they all related to biblical principles.   


BTW’s class began to develop as Tyshawna grasped her divine purpose in fitness/dance. This truly became a class that was “The atmosphere of fitness, edification and praise”.  BTW’s platform provides a cardio workout between 500-800 calories burned/hour, an atmosphere of worship, peace and edification, toning within the routine, prayer, a safe place to surrender to God, and the Word of God. 


What are her students saying about BTW?


Tyshawna Witherspoon thank you for obeying God. Your Built to Worship dance fitness class was epic! I'm sure this will not be my last. You're a dynamic and extraordinary leader, and one of the most explosive dance fitness instructors I've ever had the privilege to meet.” #Tspoonexplosion­– Melvine Walker


“OMG! Built to Worship Workout at Body by Alexis Studio was absolutely amazing! I've never experienced a glorious workout like that in my life! That was GREAT! Def coming back next week! I ain't know I could move like that!!!!! Lol Wheeeeew! My God!” – Brittanie Wright


The fine arts has always been a part of her life. Tyshawna didn’t embark on dance. Dance embarked on her. 

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