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Built to Worship (BTW) Dance Fitness develops an atmosphere of praise, edification, and fitness. This dance fitness class includes a dynamic playlist of clean music that uplifts the spirit and honors our almighty God! Average calories burned in a BTW Dance Fitness class is between 500-800 calories (varies per person). While encouraging each student to work at their personal best, this format is fit for beginners to athletes. Providing a mindset of encouragement BTW Dance Fitness creates a safe space to establish healthy relationships, wholeness, and full body strength.


Est. March 2018

BTW Stretch & Flex is a session of healing and worship that involves stretching your entire body in contemplation of the goodness of God. The peaceful nature of this class allows the body and mind to relax, allowing each individual to worship the creator, the burden bearer, and the restorer. It offers a safe, calming environment for your body and mind to rest and regenerate. The class's formula of gospel music, stretching, and mental wellness benefits will help you reach your self-care goals.


Est. March 2018

New Arrivals

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